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Latest database updates and news regarding The Warning or the site in general.

First show in 2023 announced

4 more dates added to Three Days Grace Explosions Tour

9 dates added. Opening for Three Days Grace

More shows in Canada added to the database.
The Warning will opening for Three Days Grace for 9 dates (at the moment) in November.


Welcome to The Warning Tour Database

This site is an unofficial site dedicated to the band The Warning.

Main focus will be about the band and their shows.
The goal is to collect as much information as possible about each show and make it searchable and easily presented.
Each show, and song, also has its own discussion thread where all are welcome to join and share their experiences and memories.

The database is far from complete. New shows will be added, existing shows will be updated with more setlists and media links as time permits.
Feel free to send us updated information if you see something that isn't correct. I'm sure there are plenty of mistakes.
Also don't hesitate to inform us about missing shows and other new data that should be added.

This is a simple hobby project, done for fun and for the love of The Warning.
Time can be a bit limited. We will however do our best to keep the database as updated and correct as possible.

Finally we also have a Lounge for the more general chit-chat.
It is okay to talk about other stuff than The Warning here.

Hope you will enjoy the site.

The Warning opening for Guns n' Roses

8 new dates opening for Halestorm Fall Tour 2022

Announced today. The Warning will also open for Halestorm during their Fall Tour 2022.
Just as they will open for Halestorm during their Summer Tour 2022.

8 new dates added. 2 more dates during the tour are festivals that we knew about since before.

Also added back The Warnings headlining show at The Canal Club in Richmond, VA.
Original date was in May during the Mayday Tour but due to sickness it was postponed.
New date: 2022-08-13 @ The Canal Club, Richmond, VA, USA

2 dates added and 2 dates removed

2022-06-20 @ Iceberg Alley Performance Tent, St. John's, NL, Canada

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Summerfest 2022

18 dates supporting Halestorm and The Pretty Reckless

An amazing 18 more upcoming shows added.
The Warning will support Halestorm and The Pretty Reckless during their Summer 2022 Tour.

At the moment we got 55 upcoming shows to look forward to and we still got most of the fall / winter free. :)

5 Canada dates added.

Louder Than Life Festival 2022

New date in Austin, TX added. SXSW.

Aftershock Festival added.

Three more shows for the Mayday Tour added.

An upcoming February show in Las Vegas added.

Yet another show announced.
2022-02-24 @ House of Blues, Las Vegas, NV, USA

It will be a shorter set supporting Dirty Honey & Mammoth WVH

3 other shows for the Mayday Tour has also been promised.
Portland, St. Louis and Destin.
No details about those yet though...

New upcoming show added. 2022-02-18 @ Dogma Bar, Saltillo, Mexico

Another festival announced and added to the database.

New dates for the Mayday Tour + Upheaval Festival

New dates for the Mayday Tour has been announced.
I have updated all the entries in the database.
We lost the Vancouver date unfortunately, for the moment anyway. But gained a date in Torreón.

Also added another Festival appearance in July. The Upheaval Festival at Grand Rapids, MI.

At moment we got 30 upcoming shows to look forward to.

Poster NA Tour 2022 640x896.pngPoster 2022-07-15 @ Upheaval Festival, Grand Rapids MI, USA.png

Mayday Tour Postponed

Sad news the other day when The Warning announced that their upcoming Mayday Tour is postponed due to the current situation with Covid.
Not extremely unexpected perhaps but sad nonetheless.

I have decided to keep the dates in the database for now until we know more about the new dates.


New upcoming show added. Sound of Music Festival 2022-06-16

Mayday Tour 2022 Announced

Today The Warning announced the 2022 Mayday Tour.

25 new shows added to the database. 3 was already known since before.
So we got a total of 28 upcoming shows at the moment.

Mayday_Tour_2022_poster_640x896 .png

All caught up

Finally finished going through all the shows and split up the videos to individual songs when possible.
So now we have easy access to specific versions of each songs.

For instance, as I write this, we have direct links to 80 versions of the song Dust to dust.
Most are from different shows and performances. Others are just different camera angels and audio quality from the same show.

Still a lot more links to add. YouTube are full of The Warning shows.
But nice to be caught up now when new shows are coming.

Rockville 2021 media links added

Added links to the recent Rockville show

Two versions added.
YouTube version of the official twitch stream uploaded by The Warning Army
One audience recording by Southwest 737. This one actually has the better sound imho.