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Latest database updates and news regarding The Warning or the site in general.

New upcoming show added. Sound of Music Festival 2022-06-16

Mayday Tour 2022 Announced

Today The Warning announced the 2022 Mayday Tour.

25 new shows added to the database. 3 was already known since before.
So we got a total of 28 upcoming shows at the moment.

Mayday_Tour_2022_poster_640x896 .png

All caught up

Finally finished going through all the shows and split up the videos to individual songs when possible.
So now we have easy access to specific versions of each songs.

For instance, as I write this, we have direct links to 80 versions of the song Dust to dust.
Most are from different shows and performances. Others are just different camera angels and audio quality from the same show.

Still a lot more links to add. YouTube are full of The Warning shows.
But nice to be caught up now when new shows are coming.

Rockville 2021 media links added

Added links to the recent Rockville show

Two versions added.
YouTube version of the official twitch stream uploaded by The Warning Army
One audience recording by Southwest 737. This one actually has the better sound imho.

New widgets added


With the exiting news of upcoming shows I have added some widgets that lists upcoming shows.
On the home page a truncated list will be shown on the right side.
Over at the tour database page a complete list of upcoming show is listed.

3 months update

It has been a fairly slow progress but after 3 months we have added several missing shows, fixed some mistakes and updated the database with over 500 media links.
Thanks to Antonio Gamboa for providing a huge amount of links.

Now up to 117 shows in the database and 70 complete setlists.
Still looking for more links and setlist entries to add. Updating the songs with more info and lyrics are also on the to do list.

Most importantly, we should soon get some new music from The Warning! :)